Friday, April 15, 2016

Trying Not to Be Deterred

On the Irish dance front, I'm a bit at a standstill. I am away from the studio, so I will miss the optional Sunday afternoon class, and the only space that I would have enough room to practice is my parents' driveway, which is sort of out of the question now due to rogue neighbor dogs. Though the bite marks are healing, both wounds are bruising, and the vivid purple butt bruise is right where I would need to kick my bum for Irish dance :-/

I have been continuing with the run/walk program though. I can now jog for 5 minutes at a time. I've been driving to a local greenway, although I think I still must have a bit of PTSD from the dog attack. There was a girl riding a bicycle while her dog jogged beside her (which technically wasn't allowed, since it was supposed to be on the leash at the greenway path). Even though it trotted back over to her after she scolded it for straying too far from her side, I don't know if I trust unleashed dogs right now. Maybe I would feel safer if I ran wearing pants instead of shorts :-/

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