Monday, April 25, 2016

Trebling and Running

Though I don't have room to practice my steps, I discovered I can work on my trebles. My back trebles are pretty abysmal, and I think it is because my treble form gets sloppy. So the other day I just stood in the living room, slowing down my trebles. The left foot is definitely worse than the right. But if working on basics is all that I have space to do, then maybe it will help me in the long run. Plus, as my son laid on a playmat on the floor watching me, he was kicking his feet in the air. I think he was trying to dance, too!

I am 2/3 through with week 5's workouts of Couch to 5K. My 3/4 mile jog was right on the pacing suggested, but 8 minutes for 3/4 is way slower than I am used to. My personal best mile time is 6 minutes 15 seconds, and I am hoping to get back there someday. But I guess first I build the mileage, then I work on speed.

On the bright side, my "best person" dress fits! Yay!!! It is a little snug in the bosom, but I was starting to panic about it fitting for my brother's wedding in 3 weeks. On the downside, the cut of the dress makes me look a little like I am still pregnant in the stomach :(

Speaking of dresses, I am hoping that when I start feising again that I will be allowed to wear a pseudo-solo dress. Not a really fancy dress, but a stretch velvet number with a little embellishment at the neckline and cuffs, with a sparkly cape. Definitely an adult dress, yet different than the school dress. I got it from another adult dancer and haven't been able to wear it yet, as I've just been in school dresses. It is in our school colors, so hopefully it will be allowed and will give a boost to my confidence.

Hopefully I will post again sometime after Thursday's class, and hopefully I will have slip jig improvements to discuss!

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