Friday, April 8, 2016

Back in Class

So I've been back at class for two classes now. I meant to post after the first one, but it seems I never have two hands and a lap free to type at the laptop. Here's a quick, combined update:

First class back: Ugh, I felt so behind. I was having troubles getting my steps up to speed. It seems my legs didn't work fast enough. My height off the floor was abysmal and fundamentals like kicking my butt were really lacking. I was frustrated, but my teacher told me not to be so hard on myself.

We learned a new reel step, but when you consider that I had just "learned" a new reel step by watching and writing it down the night before I gave birth, I now have learned 4 reel steps (actually 5, if you count a beginner one) since September. I am used to drilling and perfecting just the feis steps, and while I like learning new things, I feel like this is where I differ from some of the other adults in my class. Many are there for fun and exercise, rather than competition. I love the fun and exercise, too, but I still want to be prepared to compete and win. My teacher is really cool about trying to help everyone get what they need out of the class, so she was understanding when I asked her afterwards about which would be the best steps for me to focus on for the feis. I just wish we would have had time to work on slip jig and my terrible second treble jig step. That is the disadvantage of having soft and hard shoe crammed into one night a week of dance.

Second class back: More work on the reel. It is getting better. My teacher and one of the former champ dancers were trying to help me work on issues like posture, keeping my eyes up (I'm looking in the mirror and thinking too hard about my steps; I'm not even looking at my feet), and kicking my butt. I think we may be having a breakthrough about my on-going upper body issue (I tend to lean in and out of my steps). I need to continue to work on stamina and form. I am just sooo tired by step 2, which causes my form to suffer. For slow-speed hard shoe, I am even tired by left foot of step 1. We worked on the treble jig step. It is looking better, and I can do it with the music if someone is doing it with me. My back trebles are horrible, my form isn't so hot, and my big clicks are terribly low, but I guess it is getting there. My teacher (who has taught other pregnant dancers/new moms before) keeps reminding me that it will take time. After all, it took 9 months to grow a baby.

Still didn't have any class time on slip jig, and we didn't do hornpipe this week, so I'm not sure if I have it up to speed.

I wish we would do more drills...that's what I really need to whip myself into shape. That's what really helped me at my old school. My current apartment is one of the smallest places I have lived in since starting Irish dance. That, plus often having an infant in my arms, and constantly wearing nursing bras, means I don't get to just dance around the house. The nursing "sports" bras seem to be a joke. They may look sporty, but they aren't supportive. I have to switch to a standard, max support sports bra for workouts.

I am slowly continuing on the Couch to 5K running plan. Roughly on week 3 now. The scale seems to be stuck at my current weight, though. Maybe it is the breastfeeding, or maybe I need to regain more muscle first, but I am 25 lbs. more than I would like to be.

I decided to sign up for the Louisville Feis in June, so now I have a concrete goal to work towards. Wish me luck!

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  1. Sounds like you are off to a great start! Looking forward to hearing about your comeback! :)