Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Speed Bumps on the Road to Success

My last feis didn't go as well as I'd hoped. 4th out of 4 in reel, no placement in slip jig (later found out I was 5th out of 5), 2nd out of 2 in hornpipe, and 3rd out of 4 in traditional set. I am trying to see it as a learning experience. I can either let my failures get me down, or I can overcome them. I even put my last-place medal (for 2nd out of 2 in hornpipe) on my keychain, to remind me of this feis, and to remind me of the nice dancers, dance parents, and teachers I talked to that day. Winning isn't everything, and while it feels terrible to fail, I guess I have to learn how to. A lot of times, when things get hard, I want to give up and move on to another activity, so this feis was actually a good lesson in how to keep going. Sure, there is a part of me that wants to be mopey and think about how I got my butt kicked in the adult category, so I will never make it in the "and-overs." But the other day on the American Ninja Warrior television show, there was a 50-something year old (or as he said "years young") man who said he trains like a 20 year old. Well, I felt like I used to train like a 20 year old, but this guy gave me hope that I can get back there again. Even if it takes a couple of years to bounce back from pregnancy and childbirth. This is going to take longer than I thought, but I will persevere. Now, to prepare for the feis in August and create some realistic goals for what is often my toughest feis of the year (even on years when I am in better shape).

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