Thursday, June 2, 2016

Feis-Ready or Not, Here I Come!

Tonight was the last class before my first feis back. I think I may actually get through St. Patrick's Day traditional set without messing up. My reel is pretty good, though I need to work on stamina, and my slip jig is alright, as long as I lock into the tempo and don't get my feet tangled on 2nd step left foot's twisty part. Hornpipe is better...practicing helped, and my teacher helped me fix one part that was causing me to get behind in 2nd step. It might not be my best, but I will make it through. I haven't been this nervous since my first feis a little over 5 years ago. But, just like that feis, it will be a small competition (2 or 3 people). Sure, I will be disappointed if I get last, especially if it happens in every dance, but at this point, I guess it is just a victory to come back from pregnancy and childbirth and feis again. Plus, we have a fun little mini-vacation planned for after the feis.

Tomorrow I will need to pack. As if a feis trip didn't require enough stuff already, I have all of the baby's stuff to bring, too. At least I get to pack my new "Lucky You" pattern Vera Bradley gym bag with all my feis stuff. I just got the bag for Christmas, so it will be the first time I use it, and hopefully it will bring me good luck!

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