Thursday, June 30, 2016

Better Batters

The "batters" in the title refer to trebles (the first school I attended called them batters, and I just wanted an alliterative title for the post). We worked on treble jig in class tonight, and I feel better about it. My fast trebles and slow trebles are becoming more distinct from one another, and I pretty much have it with music, IF someone else is dancing with me or someone is pushing me to stay on tempo. Still hoping it will be feis-ready in about a month. Class ended with some planking. If that won't get my waist back in my pre-pregnancy size, I don't know what will. I've lost another pound, so I am now back in clothes that I wore when I was 4 months pregnant. Five months after giving birth, I am the size I was five months prior to giving birth. This is a short update tonight, but dance class makes me smile, and I just wanted to share about my treble jig improvements. Happy 4th of July weekend to everyone!

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