Sunday, January 10, 2016

Yummy Chicken Burritos

Even though I got this recipe from Self magazine, it also appears online at, so I thought I'd share, especially since it is going in the "keep" pile of recipes (unlike the Ravioli Lasagna I made the other night...which was too cheesy, and I rarely say anything is too cheesy). We used boneless, skinless, chicken tenderloins and baked them first, since we got a large pack of chicken and cooked it all at once (some of it is still in the fridge waiting to be made into chicken curry). We also opted for medium salsa (no sense in spicy food sending me into labor yet) and lowfat, rather than nonfat sour cream, since we still had sour cream left over from the delicious spinach artichoke dip we made for the adult Irish dance class Christmas party. Also, I think we used less spinach in the burritos than suggested, so slightly less healthy, but still tasty, easy, and mostly healthy. Tonight we are trying this pasta recipe from Self magazine,, so stay tuned for my experiences with it.

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