Tuesday, January 12, 2016

So my Farmer's Market Fettuccini looked drastically different than the magazine picture...for starters, I didn't use fettuccini, I used whole wheat rotini. We had it on hand, and I typically make less of a mess with shorter pasta (my husband jokes that he's not going to be able to tell which is my spot at the table and which is the kid's, based on crumbs/mess). Also, I wasn't quite sure how to "julienne," so I just chopped the 3 not-so-small zucchini and threw in one of the longer yellow squash (rather than squash blossoms). My husband saw the bowl nearly full of zucchini and was like, 'I don't think we need very much squash.' Other adaptations were leaving out the fennel seed, switching the type of vinegar (see previous discussions on not wanting a cupboard full of vinegar varieties), using frozen spinach (cooking it in the microwave first), and leaving out the basil (just because we didn't have any). My version of cooking is definitely more utilitarian than elegant, but it still turned out to be a decent dish, very hearty, with plenty of leftovers. I'm sure the basil would have added more flavor, so we seasoned it up with some sprinkles of Parmesan cheese (not as healthy, but we didn't go overboard).

In other news, I'm still trying to figure out how to use a heading so that it shows up on the blog post and in the descriptions, without including half of my first sentence in the descriptions of each blog post on the right side. I just didn't bother with a title for this post. New at this whole blogger thing, having given up my Livejournal posting a decade or so ago, after getting Facebook. And since that was pre-Facebook, it was mostly just status updates and talking about college life, rather than having a purposeful topic. Speaking of college, I had a friend in college who took an Irish dance class through the phys. ed. department at our university. Even though it was just a recreational class, sometimes I wonder what would have happened if I would have started Irish dance in September 2002 instead of December 2010, but at the time, I was in 2nd semester tap dance, and I didn't want to start over as a beginner in something else (so instead I waited more than 8 years to become an Irish dance beginner). Maybe I would have just learned the basics and given it up after a semester or 2 or 3. I didn't exactly live near an Irish dance school for the first few years after graduating college anyways. Either way, I can't change the past.

As for the immediate future, as long as I have a good check-up today, I am going to go to dance class Thursday and just walk through/muddle through whatever I feel comfortable with, but I think it will be my last time actually dancing until probably St. Patrick's Day. By next week, I just feel like I will be getting a little too close to my due date to be skipping around. I might end up going and watching dance next week, just to stay connected and maybe learn stuff by watching. I've already gone to 1 feis as just a spectator to cheer on my classmates and adult Irish dance friends. While it was a little frustrating being on the sidelines, I knew the St. Patrick's Day dance (which I had done at a performance 3 weeks prior to the feis) was the only one I probably would have had the stamina to complete. Besides, I couldn't really fit into anything to wear to perform at a feis anyways.

I'll try to update again after class on Thursday.

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