Friday, January 8, 2016

Dance class recap...

So first of all, I am just happy I can still go to dance class. Initially, I was going to give it up at Christmas, but I've since decided to just take it week by week. I figured I can always just walk through the steps and socialize a little (which is a definite benefit of being in an adult class right now). After warming up, we did the Fairy Reel...unfortunately I only know the gent's part, which seems to get less of a break because of the gent's in the middle portion of the dance, but at least I was on an end, so we did get a break for a bit (since it is a progressive dance and we had an odd number of groups of 3). I probably pushed myself a bit harder than I should have...not to the point of hurting myself or little one, but just enough that my back is sore today. There were some new (or returning) people that I hadn't seen in class before (since I've only been there about 3 months), and I think one may have even been an "and overs" dancer, so my brain kept telling me to try harder to look good in front of people who had never seen me dance before, while my body was like, "I don't think so."

Afterwards, I walked through my slip jig steps and watched my classmates perform them. It is good to try to commit my dances to memory before my baby break. I did the same for my 1st treble jig step. By the time we got to hornpipe, I was too tired to even walk through, so I just hand danced/clapped the rhythm while saying the words to the steps. I feel good about most of my steps, assuming my feet/body cooperates when I actually try to do them at speed with the music. Treble jig step #2 is worrying me, though. It is very treble-heavy, and there are both the slow trebles and fast trebles, plus back trebles (which I have struggled with those for the past year or so). And there is a new 'double-toe' thing that I have to sort of reminds me of a drum, but with the toe. Hopefully if I drill it, I will get it, but there are no hard shoe drills in my immediate future. That will have to wait until at least late March. For now, I will just work on committing the words of what I should be doing to memory at tempo. That will be enough of a challenge for that step. 

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