Saturday, January 9, 2016


I got this survey from Irish dancer Kay's blog, "Wide Awake: The Journey Continues." I thought it looked fun, so here are my answers:

  • What level are you in: Adult prizewinner for all except Traditional Set, which is novice (I've only competed in it 3 times) and I've never competed in Single Jig, though I passed the grade exam that had it in it. Class-wise, I am in a mixed levels class, but I had made it to a Prelim Prep class before I moved.
  • Do you compete: Yes...see above.
  • How many dance teachers: Currently school has a lot of teachers, but only 1 teaches my class. At my last school, I had 3 teachers, but at my first school I only had 1 (there, again, there were 2 or 3 teachers at my school, but only 1 taught the class I was in).
  • Biggest competition: Ever? Cincinnati Feis back in 2012. One of my dances had 10 people in it (though there have been other years in which there's only been 3 or 4 people in my dances). The Dublin (OH) Irish Fest/Columbus Feis has the most adult dancers, but they split the competition into U35 and O35. I'm currently U35, which is the smaller of the 2 groups.
  • What shoes: Rutherford Cavan soft shoes and Fay's Ultra-Flexi hard shoes
  • Days you go to class: Just Thursdays right now. At my old school, we had 2 classes a week and an optional third class on the weekends. I heard we might be getting an every-other-weekend practice session, so that would be good to add in, post-baby.
  • Age group: Adults :(
  • Favorite Feis: Typically, the Columbus Feis, since it is at the Dublin Irish Festival. The adult competition is entertainment at the festival, so we get a lot of spectators, and they call up the winners to get their awards. And your feis entry gets you into Friday night at the festival, so one year after I danced, I got to see Gaelic Storm, and another year, I saw the Red Hot Chili Pipers. I didn't like how the adult competition was ran a couple of years ago (3 judges, each judging 2 dancers at a time, for a total of 6 dancers dancing at once to one musician). It got kind of confusing and I didn't do so well, but hopefully they changed it back to the old way in the couple of years I have been missing it due to my work schedule.
  • Favorite Dance: Reel or treble jig. Stylistically, those are my favorites, but I have had some slip jigs I was fond of, too.
  • Least Favorite Dance: Either Hornpipe or St. Patrick's Day. 
  • Dress: So far, just a school dress. My first school had simple stretch velvet dresses with embroidery applicae at the top, which would have looked nice if mine wasn't borrowed and sometimes I had one that I thought was too big, and sometimes I had one with too short of sleeves. My favorite school dress was at my last school...A leotard with sparkly cape and headband, with a circle skirt that moved so well and was in a beautiful color. Plus, it was a variation of the beginner school outfit and the champs' performance outfit, so I felt like I blended in better with the younger dancers at the performances. I will again get a "school dress," (adult outfit at my current school is black long-sleeved top with applicae and a plaid skirt) once I am confident in what skirt size I will be, but hoping I get to wear a lovely hand-me down stretch velvet dress in the meantime (which happens to be in my school colors). Still wishing for a solo dress someday though.
  • Fake Tan: Ew. Maybe I will use the Jergens gradual tan lotion again, like I did before my sister's wedding, but it ended up staining one of my bras. I don't really see the need to fake tan. Didn't do it for prom, didn't do it for my wedding.
  • Wig color: I think it's medium brown, #10.
  • Do you think you’re good at dancing: I feel like my non-pregnant self was at the upper end of mediocre. I didn't feel out of place, talent-wise, in the prizewinner class. There are plenty of prizewinners better than me, but I feel like I am pretty decent. I also feel I haven't reached my full potential, so hopefully I will be an even better dancer at this time next year.
  • Favorite Award: Probably the ones from last year's Feis Na Tara...even though I only did 4 of the 7 dances I signed up for (it is a long story, but the gist of it is a Megabus breakdown/delay meant I was 2 hours late to the feis). I would have only gotten to do 1 or 2 of those if it wasn't for the kindness and helpfulness of other adult dancers notifying them of my delay and even picking up my number. When the bus first broke down around 9 in the morning, I ate a nice breakfast, but then I had 2 packs of fruit snacks, half an apple, and a bottle of water the rest of the day, and danced around 9 pm. I was starving, exhausted, and had been on a bus for 7+ hours. My awards represent the friendship and camaraderie of adult Irish dancers, and my 2nd places in soft shoe represent success under less than ideal circumstances.
  • Set Dances: St. Patrick's Day traditional set, though I am learning the Blackbird traditional set, too.
  • Favorite Move: Probably double clicks, though mine still need work (especially left foot)
  • Least Favorite Move: Back trebles...I'm sure I won't hate them as much once I get better. Just like I used to hate back clicks but am okay with them now.
  • Best at: Treble Jig
  • Worst at: St. Patrick's Day...I often mess up on it, which I shouldn't, because it is easy, but I just don't work on it enough.
  • How far away is dance: Currently about 30 minutes (a little less, if I don't run into traffic). It feels really close since I used to drive an hour to class.
  • How many times have you transferred schools: Twice so far. I'm a military wife, so we move every 3 years or so.
  • Rally, Shuffle, Batter, Treble, Butter: Treble, though my first teacher called it a batter, and I had a workshop teacher once that called it a rally.
  • Number of perpetuals: None.
  • Best Placement: No majors, so 1st place out of 6 people is the best I've ever done (or 2nd out of 10).
  • Dance Shoe Size: 6 for hard shoes, 5.5 for soft shoes (though I have a pair of 6's that fit pretty decent, too)
  • Can you do freeze leaps: Not really...I was getting closer, pre-pregnancy.

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