Thursday, July 7, 2016

Can Dance Class Be Too "Fun"?

I really like my teacher, I really like my classmates, and we have a lot of fun, in class, at performances, and at parties. But sometimes, I guess I wish class was more hard-core, now that I am starting to feel more like my old self. It is hard when there are so many different levels in one class. Still, it's hard to not feel frustrated when your toughest feis of the year is less than a month away, and really you only got a couple of run-throughs in soft shoe because most of the time was spent learning a different step. At least if I ever do one of the adult champ specials, I will have a third reel step, and I kept telling myself that doing an easier step was a perfect time to work on issues with form, such as not squeezing my toe points enough, not crossing enough, and not having "tall knees." So it's not like it was a waste of time, but still, I am getting nervous about the feis. At least we worked on treble jig for hard shoe. I'm starting to miss the repetitive drilling of steps, in a class where nearly everyone does the same step, or a slight variation of the same step. My classmates and teacher are so great, I wouldn't want to go anywhere else, yet I lament that I may not achieve all my dance goals this year. Oh well, I guess there are always trade-offs.


  1. It definitely can be hard when there are different levels in an adult class. That is what's going on with my class, but we make it work. We have only one adult class a week, but we are hoping to add another one. It's hard to practice at home; I have three young children and finding time and space to practice can be tough, but it's definitely do-able. Is it possible to mention how you feel to your teacher? I told my teacher about my dance goals this year, which is helping me feel like I can achieve them.

    Congratulations again on your new little one! :) It's fun to be an Irish Dancing Mama! ;)

  2. Thanks :) I am hoping I will be able to practice more as the little boy gets older. I recently purchased some discounted Marley tiles, so that will be nice for practice (if I can find some space to put them). My teacher knows about most of my dance goals (except for my goal to eventually drop down- I'm keeping that one to myself 'til my dancing gets better), and she is doing her best to help me while still giving time and attention to the needs and goals of the non-competitive dancers.

  3. Oh, and good luck with your dance goals this year! That's awesome that you are still finding time to dance with 3 little ones!