Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Ups and Downs

So here's a quick recap of the past couple weeks. We were traveling to visit friends and family, so no dance class and a lot of eating out/unhealthy eating, so the pound that I lost (to make only 6.5 lbs lost since my 6 wk. postpartum check-up March 11) was regained, I think. I may be toning up though, either that, or the jeans I bought around St. Patrick's Day are stretching out of shape, because I can take them off without unfastening them.

Other fitness gains:
- I have gotten to the point in the Couch to 5K program where I don't jog/walk anymore, I just build up time/mileage.
- Even though my mile time still sucks (compared to pre-pregnancy), I did knock a minute off my mile time over the course of a week. I can't sustain it for two miles yet, though :(
- Little boy can roll all the way over! (I know this isn't actually my accomplishment, but I grew him and I'm still his only source of food, so I'll sort of take some credit for it)
- I fit in the dress for my brother's wedding. (P.S., it was a great wedding...they definitely tailored it to their own tastes, and it was beautiful to see how much they are meant for each other)

Maybe I don't give myself enough credit, but still I'd like to fit in some of my old clothes again. Rather than having true "weight-loss" goals, mine are more of fitness goals so I can get back to the dance and running shape I used to be in. Back at home now, so hopefully that will mean back to healthy eating and I return to dance class Thursday. I hope to have more of a dance update then.

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