Friday, February 26, 2016

Feeling Better

My joints are still achy, but for the most part I am feeling better and less sore...I'm only taking 2 Advil a day now, but at the same time, I wonder if my hips/pelvis/lower back will be ready for the high impact of Irish dance in 2 weeks. Two weeks from today is my doctor's appointment, and hopefully by then I can be cleared to return to my normal activities. Unfortunately, that is 1 day too late to dance at the ceili/St.Patrick's Day party that my dance class is having, but I hope to go watch anyways, along with my little one, since friends and family are invited :)

I've lost a little more than 25 pounds already, which is about the halfway point. 24 lbs to go, but then again, I have only been allowed to walk so far, and between crummy weather and not wanting to take the little one into public places during cold and flu season, I haven't gotten a whole lot of activity. I used to look forward to Thursdays because it was dance night; now I look forward to Thursdays because I go to a couple of support groups (new parents and breastfeeding mommies) on Thursdays.

Though most of my meals have been quick or takeout, we did manage to find time to make a couscous-stuffed peppers recipe out of an old Self magazine (though I couldn't find a copy of the recipe online). It was pretty quick...the part that took the longest was the 20 minutes that it was in the oven, followed by the time it took to chop a medium onion. The rest was pretty quick on the stove top.

I was already pretty bummed that I was missing out on seeing the Lord of the Dance show with some of my classmates, but then I found out that some of them got to meet Michael Flatley. Plus I am missing more fun activities, but I know being a mom is about trade-offs. It's just hard to be trying to make friends in a new location and learning to be a mom at the same time.

I did get to attend a local feis as a spectator. It was great to see my adult Irish dance friends, but when they offered "day of" entries for the treble reel, it was so tempting to break doctor's orders for just one dance. But I knew I would really be hurting the next day, and I don't want to delay my return to dance because of being too stubborn to sit out for 6 weeks. Looks like my return to feising might not be until June, though. My husband's work schedule means missing out on a couple of feisanna I originally hoped to attend. At least I will hopefully be really ready and fully healed by then. I am just ready to get back in the shape I was before, and hopefully prove that I am good enough and dedicated enough to drop down someday!

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