Thursday, February 11, 2016

A Non-Update

Well, I probably only have a few minutes before little one awakes, but since it was Thursday (formerly known as dance night), I thought I'd do a brief update, or sort of a non-update in this case. I survived my first day by myself, as my husband went back to work today (though he gets a 4-day weekend now, and my parents will be visiting during part of next week). Today I drove for the first time since earlier in the evening the night my water broke. I was in my husband's car though, which sits a bit higher. Little baby is too small by 5 oz. for the convertible car seat in my car, and I'm not looking forward to climbing in and out of the Celica just yet. I am still super-sore, and the way some of the joints in my pelvis/lower back keep popping when I roll over in bed, I fear I may have to wait a bit longer than the standard 6 weeks before I am cleared to exercise. But then again, I am only about 2 weeks into my recovery, so we will see what happens. I am hoping to go watch the adult competition of a local feis next Friday, so it will be nice to see my dance classmates again, along with feis friends from other schools. I am just hoping the little one cooperates and it works out for him to stay home with my husband and parents for a few hours for me to go watch the feis.

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