Thursday, March 9, 2017

I Believe I Can Fly

I don't know why I had so much energy tonight, but I felt like I was really lifting off the ground at class tonight. I was even trying to work more on toe point. I think I need to do like fellow blogger/Irish dancer Kay and do some exercises to work on toe height. My upper body is still a challenge, but overall, I felt pretty good tonight. In ceili, I was partnered with my awesome classmate who owns the awesome solo dress, and I always feel like she pushes me to be better with my form. This was one of those nights when I sort of felt like my work was paying off a bit. I've really been trying to work on slip jig lately. I even stopped and ran through my newest step at a little pavilion at the park yesterday, and imaginary slip jig music was in my head when I went for my jog. Even though my clicks, especially on left foot, weren't where they were pre-pregnancy, I think I am finally getting back in my groove (or rut...I still have a long way to go). I think that with the proper training and hard work, I could make it to prelims someday. Of course I would have to drop down first, and I already feel like I take dance more seriously than my classmates, and I worry about sucking the fun out of it for them (even though I am having the most fun when I have a competitive goal to work towards). For now, I am just working on getting through grade exams. I'm thinking it was not such a great idea to take a grade exam exactly 1 week after St. Patrick's Day, since we aren't having class next week, and today's class was mostly focused on St. Patrick's Day stuff. Good thing I am only doing grade exam 6. Now if only I could kick my butt more on the Blackbird.

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