Monday, February 27, 2017

Blast from the Past

     The other night, we were playing board games, and my husband asked what genre of music I wanted as our background music (we were playing YouTube videos through the Roku stick). I said "late '90s pop," and many of the songs had some connection to high school or college memories, whether it was watching them on VH1 after school, dancing to them in dance team, or listening to them on a "Now That's What I Call Music" Volume # in the single digits. When a song called "C'est la Vie" came on, I reminisced about doing a color guard flag twirling routine to it for a 4-H talent contest called "Share the Fun." I recalled listening to it over and over again on my sister's tape player, carefully choreographing a routine that I taught to my sister and a friend. I knew it was by an Irish group and that there was a little interlude of Irish music, but I don't know if I had ever seen the video before. As I was watching it the other night, I noticed that they not only break out into a little Irish dance in the video, but they are doing a 4-hand reel! I wouldn't have known what a 4-hand was back in the late '90s anyways, but it was just another one of those moments when I thought, had I only been inspired to start Irish dance as a teenager. But then again, the nearest Irish dance school was an hour and a half away, so maybe it wouldn't have mattered, but I just wish there wasn't so much judgement against adults who only want the same opportunities to dance despite not being able to start dancing as a youth. Anyways, it was a fun blast from the past. Our color guard routine didn't place at Share the Fun, but imagine if I would have danced a reel...

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