Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Disappointment and New Beginnings

     My last blog was written at Oireachtas, the day before team competitions. One of the teams I was on practiced a lot the night before, but sometimes, things happen when you are on that big stage. It was 75% of the team's first O, and no one on that team had done the Oireachtas ceili competition before. As for my other team, my teammates are great, but we were a little disorganized and could have committed more time to practicing. Either way, both teams placed last, but in those particular competitions, all the teams were recalled. One of the more disappointing parts of the night was waiting for awards, only to learn adult ceilis were being bumped to the last awards that would be announced. We were moved so that college-aged kids could get their awards sooner. I think I'd have been more understanding if it was so 8 year olds didn't have to stay up late. The longer we waited, the more the team bonded over complaining about various aspects of being adult dancers in adult class, adult competition. Unfortunately, our adult class teacher, who always has a fabulous attitude about everything, had a work conflict and couldn't attend. So one of our gripes was about how one of the other teachers left the room right when the adult competition was about to begin. I understand there are a lot of other competitions to see, but it still didn't feel good to get the impression you are less important...which was only reinforced when pictures were being taken with the champs during adult awards, while my adult team panicked that we wouldn't have a teacher to go up on stage with us if we placed top 3 :( The best part that came out of the night was that even though I knew I would be moving to another state, I hoped to someday room with my old teammates at a future Oireachtas.
     Oh, did I mention my husband's job transferred him again? So yeah, I am now at a new school, but I am taking classes with not just the prizewinner kids, but sometimes in combined classes with the champs. One of my teachers started out as an adult dancer, so I just know I am in the right place to achieve my goals, even if I feel like I am dancing terribly next to the champs. I finally get the chance to really push myself again, be a valued member of the school, and be treated like any other dancer. I am even in a ceili class and hope to do "and over" ceili at an Oireachtas someday! I look forward to my first performance and first "and-over" feis! I hope to have good things to share with you in the future.

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  1. If I would come to this city again, I would be all over these NYC venues. We ordered Spinach artichoke dip at the server's suggestion and it was absolutely delicious.